Emma is plyaing discgolf

The winner of this weeks disc golf tournament was Simon after a very even game. The way to tournament works is that all participants choose the rules of one game. When Emma decided, the rule was to use the carton boxes and also to add a bit of body movement to the game.

It might look easy on the image and video, but in fact it is very difficult to perform in throwing stage, when moving around in a circle.

After 4 rounds playing, and 2 extra rounds, due to the even scores, Simon won the gain ahead of Calle with 17 – 16. Ebba ended up at 15 and Emma 13.

If you ever visit our office a Wednesday, with high certainty you will have to participate in that weeks disc golf tournament.



Today we leave office early and tomorrow we have a day office. We have a holiday called Valborg, starting tonight doing a big fire out in nowhere and sing songs in group with people you do not know.


Best regards



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