The market for alcoholic beverages like beer, wine and spirits in Scandinavia is organised by state monopolies. Concealed Wines works in Sweden, Finland and Norway. In Sweden the name of the monopoly is Systembolaget, while the Finnish monopoly is named ALKO and the Norwegian monopoly is called Vinmonopolet.

Producer information Scandinavia monopoly markets for alcoholic beverages
Once a producer understands the process and rules, it is easily possible to sell wine in the Scandinavian monopoly markets.

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How to act as a producer in a Scandinavian monopoly market

Concealed Wines has created this page in order to help producers to understand the Scandinavian monopolies better. It is important to know how to act correctly to maximize chances to get into the Nordic markets.When working in the monopoly markets it is very important that the supplier understands the rules of the markets. Once the producer understands the market structure, the producer will have a much better chance to do well.

As your wine importer we will teach you the basic rules of the markets and what you should have in mind as supplier.

Regarding the markets, notice that the importance of the brand is less important. Instead it is a big focus on the quality of the wine. At least this is true when it comes to the initial selection process that gets you listed in one of the Scandinavian monopoly markets.

Instead we have to understand how the market works and what you can do to influence the buyers. It is also important to make sure to work on opportunities well in advance. By starting early with the work on each opportunity, it is much easier for the supplier and the wine importer to make sure to put together a great offer. This applies to both the written part as well as the final samples.

Further information about the specific markets

For each of the three clients Systembolaget, ALKO and Vinmonopolet, you will find links for further information on our website below. You are also welcome to get in touch with Concealed Wines to get more information about the three Scandinavian monopoly markets.

Here you can find more specific info about the function and tender processes of:

All current and upcoming tenders for all the monopoly markets of Scandinavia can be found here. To read about our marketing strategies, click here.

Questions and Answers about Scandinavian monopoly markets

What is the difference between Scandinavian markets and other European markets?

Scandinavia has a monopoly market for alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer and spirits. Producers have to follow a complex procedure to get a listing in these markets. Concealed Wines guides you and supports you in this process as your importer.

Is Denmark a state monopoly market?

No, Denmark has no state monopoly on the retail sales of alcoholic beverages, unlike its Scandinavian neighbors. Concealed Wines only operates in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

How can I enter the Scandinavian markets as a producer?

As a licensed importer, Concealed Wines can help you enter the markets of Sweden, Norway and Finland with your products. Start by looking at the current and upcoming tenders on our website. If you want to apply with a product just send us an e-mail to start the process or directly fill out the form online.