In April Concealed Wines we will launch its first beer product. It is a listing in the Exclusive assortment, going out to about 40 stores, a fixed purchase of about 2.400 bottles. The beer is from Netherlands from our producer called Jopen. We work together with a very nice guy called Erwin Klijn, whom has done a great job already in order to push his product to us as well as our clients.

This beer called Jopen Koyt, “a reddish-brown beer is a reproduction of a Haarlem beer and is brewed according to the brewer’s statute (recipe regulated by the council) of 1407. Deliciously risky.”

Link to more information about the beer called Jopen Koyt: Jopen Koyt

Link to Jopen website:

We very much look forward to launch the product in the market.

Calle Nilsson

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