In Sweden spring has come and our team start to eat outside for lunch! For time being our team are a bit smaller since three in our team are home for Maternity leave. All home also now have small Babies and me and the rest of the team in office look forward to see them all soon in office. Now focus on Work and new opportunities.

For time being Systembolaget has launched a new purchase plan for coming year. We have updated on our website with new tender information. Click on link button below and you will be directed.

Except the overview of the upcoming tenders, with launch dates in 2020, you will also find new tenders for fixed purchase. The new references starts on 100_ and all is for volumes between 3000 – 10000 bottles and deadline very soon. From deadline of paperwork we expect to have final answer from Systembolaget in about 5 weeks time.

We expcet to have new tenders for Finland and Norway in May and June. If you are in our newletter list you will get an update later on.

Via our linkedIN account we have also added a group where we will publish important updates for our markets. See link below to the group, please feel free to be a part of it.

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