Hello from a sunny and warm(ish) Stockholm ? Today we are not only excited about the spring weather on the way but also that we have two new products launching at Systembolaget.

As of today you will be able to find the following two additions in the standard segment at Systembolaget:

Piconico Chardonnay 2020Fruit driven (green apples, herbs, honeymelon, pears and citrus) in a 750 ml PET bottles from Mendoza, Argentina

Price: 79 SEK

Article Number : 2296

Link with more info: https://www.systembolaget.se/produkt/vin/piconico-chardonnay-229601/?

Semedorato Premium  – A light lager from Siciliy, Italy in 660 ml bottle

Price: 27,90 SEK

Article Number: 1683

Link with more info: https://www.systembolaget.se/produkt/ol/semedorato-168301/?

We hope you get a chance to try them out!

Wishing you all a lovely start to the week,


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