The spirits market in the Nordic countries is very mature, and today many of the international brands are established. When it comes to spirits as market segment we do today not see a growth in sales. Although in the last couple of years a stable market share has been observed. We see a general trend in the market where the consumer behavior tends to be a bit less of a price focus. It is more based on quality focused behavior. When it comes to spirits we believe that our main clients will focus on niche products.

As well as organic certified products the next coming years. We think that mainstream products can enter the market as well, but with a high marketing spending. Regarding organic products, we believe that the clients will ask more for such products. This trend is partly driven by the consumer demand. Mostly due to the fact that our monopoly clients have political aims to have where x % of the volumes in various product segments have to be organic.


The off-trade spirits market in Sweden, Finland and Norway is regulated where we have three monopoly distributors handling all distribution to the end-consumer. The names of these three organizations are: Systembolaget (Sweden), Vinmonopolet (Norway) and ALKO (Finland). The normal procedure to get spirit products into the market is to compete on calls of tenders. A monopoly client announces to all licensed importers what type of products the client request.

The importers discuss with its supplier network in order to prepare offers with relevant spirit products. Many times the requests are very specific and it only makes sense to offer spirit products that correspond to all criteria given in the tender specification. First step of the tender produces is to make a written offer followed by sending samples for a blind tasting. Normally 3 or more tasters participate in the tasting. However this depend a bit which monopoly client it is. In most cases the client chooses only one product for each listing to purchase.


In order to have a good chance to get in to the Nordic markets it is crucial to work with an importer that has a good connection with the market. Working especially with the main clients (Systembolaget, Vinmonopolet and ALKO) helps more. Concealed Wines is an established company with a very good growth rate. Today our strongest position is within the wine segment. But we have recently started to compete on spirits as a new product segment. In order to succeed with our suppliers.

It is very crucial that we have very good communication with our suppliers and that we agree to dedicate a bit of time on pro-active work. It is very crucial to work closely and to bring forward products to the clients. Furthermore once public announcements take place, it makes time to really deep down into the offer, and do all details 110%. Most of the time it is the details combined with a pro active work. This will result to be number one in the tasting session.

In order to find out more about the spirit markets and how to sell spirits to Systembolaget, Vinmonopolet and ALKO, please contact Calle Nilsson at Concealed Wines.