Concealed Wines currently work with producers from all wine producing countries. Some of the producers Concealed Wines work with, work with Concealed Wines for all markets, while some other only work with Concealed Wines for 1 or 2 of the three markets.

Concealed Wines act as a buyer. Concealed Wines do not ask for commission. Once we have bought the wine from the producer, we sell it to the monopoly client. For the Norwegian and the Swedish market, it is always the case that the importer buys the wine and then sells it to the monopoly client. For the Finnish market we warehouse the wine in Sweden, and then once ALKO (monopoly client) order wine, we send it from our Warehouse. So, to summarize, not we do not take a commission, instead we have our own margin.

Concealed Wines warehouse the wine. Moreover notice that we always buy ex cellar within Europe and FOB outside Europe.

Each monopoly client (SystembolagetALKO and Vinmonopolet) have their own buying process. Normally once each of the three organizations decides what to buy for its general listings; they take the final decision in a blind tasting. Once you compete on a tender for a general listing Concealed Wines will guide you in order to maximize your chances doing well.

Once you compete on a tender it is very relevant to meet the specification perfectly. If you do not meet the specification perfectly, for instance you offer a vintage; our client will reject your offer. Concealed Wines always dedicate time to read your offer carefully in order to avoid spending time on incorrect offers.

It depends a bit for which market you will send sample to. Vinmonopolet (Norway) usually taste the wines very quick. You can expect to have an answer within 4 weeks. For Systembolaget (Sweden) and ALKO (Finland) it normally takes at least 6 weeks. However notice, once Concealed Wines send you a sample request, we will estimate in your specific case.

It depends a bit how many wines that are tasted. In Sweden and Norway it is normally 30-40 wines tasted. For Finland the number is a bit lower about 15-25 wines. However notice that Concealed Wines will help you out with a good estimation about competition once we work on something.

In Sweden and Finland advertisement is accepted however it is partly restricted. In Norway advertisement is not accepted.

The quality control is very high in all out markets. About 5-10 % of the wines that win listings are not in the end launched due to quality problems. If you boost a wine for the sample you send, notice that it is high risk that the monopoly client does not accept a lower quality once you intend to launch the product.

For Vinmonopolet (Norway) and Systembolaget (Sweden) it is normally okay to send samples with temporary labels. For ALKO (Finland) you always have to send at least one bottle that looks like the wine bottle you intend to launch if your wine is selected.

Yes, an importer like Concealed Wines can import from producers and sell directly to restaurants as long as the restaurant is having a license to sell alcohol. However notice that the restaurant business is about 10 % – 15 % of the total volume.

Yes it is. For Sweden and Norway small volumes are bought for exclusive wines. All three markets also have order selections where an importer can sell the wines.

The Launch-plan is published each year in May. The launch-plan is an overview of what Systembolaget look out for, for the next coming year. Concealed Wines send this to its partners in order to start and prepare specific projects to work on together.

For Finland and Norway every year in May and November a new 6-months plan of tenders in announced. For the Swedish market, an overview plan is announced in May and then 4 times a year tenders will be announced. However noticed that all the tenders announced is based on the launch-plan.

Concealed Wines publish all the current tenders on this page.

On the links below you can read more about the 3 monopoly clients that Concealed Wines deal with:

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Sweden is the biggest market. Finland and Norway is equal in terms of size, but wine consumption is a bit higher in Norway.

Concealed Wines is buying the wine and then sell it to the monopoly client.

Concealed Wines always ask for at least 1 extra bottle. This, because Concealed Wines need a quality reference. If the offer we make together is selected we have to be able to check once you send samples later that the quality remains the same.

The reason why it is a monopoly situation in Sweden, Finland and Norway is to control alcohol consumption and keep it on a stable level. Currently majority of the population are positive to such system. As long population is positive to such system Concealed Wines believe it will sustain.