As a wine importer based in Sweden, Concealed Wines works with the monopolies for alcoholic beverages of Sweden, Norway and Finland. We help producers from all over the world to establish their products in the Scandinavian markets. Below you will find everything there is to know about our work and information about how the monopoly system functions.

Concealed Wines – Wine importer Sweden, Finland and Norway

Concealed Wines is an established wine, beer, and spirits importer within Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Our company works with superb producers worldwide, supplying our markets with an excellent range of wine, beer, and spirit products. Based on volumes, our priority clients are the three state monopolies of Systembolaget in Sweden, ALKO in Finland, and Vinmonopolet in Norway. An important activity apart from off-trade distribution is selling directly to restaurants. Today, Concealed Wines sells in restaurants and bars throughout Sweden.

Our mission

Concealed Wines is an established importer in Sweden, Finland, and Norway, with a portfolio of over 60 brands listed throughout these three markets. Our mission is to continue our growth and provide our clients with a diverse range of excellent quality products. In partnership with our suppliers, we want to expand our importation services and become a leading player in the Scandinavian markets.

Our partners

We are always on the lookout for partners that are eager to enter into the Scandinavian markets. We intend to establish long-term working relationships with these partners and invest our time and energy into launching their products in the market. We value both sides working together in a combined effort, which will promote success in sales and establish brand recognition within the Scandinavian markets.

We believe good collaboration and communication between supplier and importer is crucial for success in our markets.

Current tender opportunities

Concealed Wines is always happy to provide transparency with its market requirements. Information on each market’s current product requests can be found on our Current Tender Page. The page is organized both by country and by product category. Read more about current tender opportunities on the link below:

To read the summary of Tenders visit our Blog Page

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Restaurant distribution

An important activity apart from our off-trade distribution is the sales of alcoholic beverages directly to restaurants. Today Concealed Wines sells to restaurants and bars throughout Sweden.

Our primary focus is on the greater Stockholm, Göteborg, and Malmö areas. Since our business establishment in 2008, we have been working with the restaurant business in a small way. However, in 2016 Concealed Wines decided to become a full-house player to restaurants rather than acting as a niche provider.

C.S.R. & Sustainability at Concealed Wines

For us, C.S.R., Corporate Social Responsibility, represents sustainable business development with a balance between economic growth, social, and environmental responsibility. At Concealed Wines, C.S.R. comprises human rights, the safety of our employees, sustainability within production, transport and sales, social responsibility to the community, and the promotion of safe and moderate alcohol consumption.

As a supplier to the Nordic monopolies, we actively participate in C.S.R. initiatives based on the Business Social Compliance Initiative.

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Follow us on Social Media

A famous philosopher said it correctly, “Content is fire and social media is gasoline.” Our enterprise has an impressive assembly of suppliers worldwide, which we continually attempt to stay in touch with. We strive to pass on the understanding of market demand to all our suppliers who have been selling their products in the Scandinavian markets and those looking forward to selling their products in the market. Follow us to get recent updates:

Concealed Wines has recently set out on a new business endeavor entering the exciting world of wine tourism through the launch of our site, Our new project shares our office space and our entrepreneurial spirit in bringing wine lovers everywhere, a central location for discovering and booking wine tastings and tours worldwide. Whether you are new to wine or an extreme aficionado, we have wine experiences that will entice and delight on every continent. Today is allready the largest platform online for winetourism with over 3600+ wineries linked to the project. CEO for project is Mr. Niklas Ridoff. Logotype

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Internship at Concealed Wines

When completing an internship with Concealed Wines, you will gain practical, real-world experience with a reputable company in the wine business. You will also gain experience in how an entrepreneurial-driven company develops new business in various markets with fast growth. Every year, Concealed Wines has a large number of applicants for internship positions. Therefore, if you are interested in an internship with Concealed Wines, be sure to invest time in your initial email approach since the competition amongst applicants is rather high.

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Dress code

For meeting attendance in our office, please respect our dress code requirements.

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More information

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Questions and Answers about Concealed Wines

What is Concealed Wines?

Concealed Wines is a Swedish wine importer that also imports beer and spirits. Concealed Wines covers the Scandinavian markets of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Who does Concealed Wines work with?

Concealed Wines works with producers and suppliers who are eager to enter the Scandinavian markets. We help them establish their products successfully and intend to form a long-term business relationship based on collaboration and communication.

Where do I find the current tenders for the monopolies?

All current and upcoming tenders for Sweden, Norway and Finland can be found here. In case you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Does Concealed Wines also distribute to HoReCa in Sweden?

Yes, as a wine importer Concealed Wines also works with restaurants and bars in Sweden.

How can I stay updated on Concealed Wines’ activities?

You can stay updated abput Concealed Wines by following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.