Concealed Wines works with distribution in both the off trade and on trade markets. We have established business operations in Sweden, Finland and Norway. We sell via monopoly distribution system as well as we work with direct sales to Ho.Re.Ca. Moreover we also propose products to tax-free or duty-free segment, to the ferries going in between the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Summary of distributions:

  1. Monopoly system of Sweden
  2. Monopoly distributions via Systembolaget, ALKO and Vinmonopolet
  3. Direct restaurant distribution, our Ho.Re.Ca Clientele
  4. Tax-free sales via ferries

Today, we have warehouses in Sweden, Finland and Norway that we use to supply our clients. Most of our volumes are sold to these monopoly clients: Systembolaget (Sweden), Vinmonopolet (Norway) and ALKO (Finland).

As a licensed importer in these 3 countries, we sell great amount of volumes to these monopoly distributors. As an importer, we normally purchase products – Ex works or FOB, taking full responsibility from suppliers warehouse or nearest harbour.

On the menu on the right side, you will find more information about these 3 markets and how each one of the markets works. On a frequent basis we look out for new products to start and distribute in our markets. Likewise you can also read about the different markets in order to better understand the structure of the markets in general and the way to enter these markets. You find information on monopoly requests in the current tenders section on our website.

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