As a partner in Scandinavia we can offer you as a producer a number of different business opportunities. See brief description below about different sales activities we continuously work on.


Continuously we compete on calls of tenders announced by Systembolaget (Sweden), Alko (Finnland) and Vinmonopolet (Norway). Since the Scandinavian off-trade markets are ruled by monopolies, the purchasing process is very strict. Link below give you more information how the Swedish monopoly works (The Finnish and Norwegian monopolies works very similar).

We work in close relationship with a number of partners to compete on Monopoly tenders. We believe it is very important to work in close relationship with the producer, together come up with good suggestions on wines to meet current tender requests.

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Our strategy

After we win Monopoly tenders and get a listing, we focus on well extended marketing activities the first year and work in close relation with PR and media partners to expose the brand towards the end consumer. Our ambitions for all our listings are not that they should be average sellers, but rather best sellers. We are willing together with you as a partner to push on marketing initially to make this happen.

Besides competing on tenders we also work on proposing wines to the monopolies too fit to specific range of selections. This we do when we have something extraordinary to present. It could be a new AOC, old vintages or something innovative. If you believe you have an interesting wine, that you are willing to offer please let us know and we can present it to the monopolies.

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Today we mainly work with restaurant and catering organisations in Stockholm and Göteborg, but with intentions to start and approach other regional markets as well. To this customer segment we try to deliver a customised service where we tailor made wines according to the group’s preferences. Together with our customers we define what we can deliver and thereafter put together a range of selection that the client can choose from. The agreements we have with restaurant groups are always long term (at least 6 months) and bigger quantities.

Well established restaurants in Stockholm
Well established restaurants we believe is a very important segment from a marketing point of view towards end consumer with the aim to building strong brand positioning for newly introduced products. We also work in close relationship with this segment to organise marketing and sales activities such as inviting journalists for tastings, combine our wine with food menus, guest plays etc.

Whole sale market
To reach out to smaller regions in Sweden we work with major whole sale actors. To make the whole sale actors push our wines we offer them extra sales support. For instance we offer them to visit all their clients to present our wines and educate their waiting staff. Further we work in close relationship with them to find wines they look out for to have in their range of selection.

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Duty free ferries operating in between Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Åland is a segment that we continuously work on. This segment can offer large quantities and long term agreements. Their purchasing process is quite similar to the monopolies purchasing process. We both work on competing on tenders as well as we are proposing our products to the duty free clients. Additionaly we also work on adding value to our products by offering our clients sales support such as tastings on board to diversify our selves from the competition. Moreover we keep all our producers well informed when tenders are announced. As well as also welcome suggestions of wines and concept that we can offer to the duty free segment.

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