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The written proposal is the first stage of the tender process. The tenders are updated on our website for each key market. If the tender requirements meet all the product specifications, the producer can apply for the tender. This stage requires a form to be filled out by the producer (along with an authorization form for the Finnish market). The deadline for the written proposal is mentioned in the tender requirements.

Read the tender specification on our website very carefully (current tender). Make sure that what you intend to propose corresponds to what our client is asking for. All the criteria are important although some criteria could be discussed, for instance, the price point. If you have any questions while looking through the various tenders please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to guide you through the process. When you do contact us with questions, please refer to the reference number of the tender in your email.

Once you have found a tender that you would like to submit an offer for you have two options: You can either fill out a tender form online directly on our webside. This form will then be sent to us. Or you can choose to get in touch with us ( and we will get back to you with the relevant tender forms to be filled out.

Once we have received your filled out tender form our purchase team will be in charge of going through your form to make sure all the information is completed and correct. You will at this stage get a personal contact with one of us from Concealed Wines.

Please keep in mind the following information when filling out your tender form:

  • All the compulsory information must be filled out.
  • A copy of the organic certificate must be provided for organic products.
  • The product must be described and additional awards must be mentioned on the form.
  • In general try to fill out as much information in the form as possible.

In case there is any crucial information missing in your tender form we will make sure to reach out and ask for any complementary information needed in order to submit your offer. It is very important that all the information required is filled out. Once we have made sure that we have all the necessary information, we will move ahead and prepare your written proposal and submit it to the respective monopolies.