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After the written offer has been submitted and accepted by the monopoly, the second stage is the Sample Request. As soon as your written offer has been accepted by the monopoly we will receive a sample request for the blind tasting. At this stage we will be contacting you with a detailed email where we explain all the steps in submitting your samples for the deadline of the blind tasting. The date to submit your samples is always indicated in the email as well as the number of bottles that need to be submitted and to where they should be sent. This varies depending on the product type.

We will always be asking for the number of bottles required for the tasting at the monopoly as well as an extra bottle for internal quality control processes if the product is selected in the tasting. Once your samples have been delivered to us we will make sure to send you a confirmation to let you know your samples have arrived safely. Once we have received your samples we will double check so that everything is in line with the written information that has been submitted tot he monopoly. If there are any questions marks we will of course reach out to you. At the same time as we ask you to send us your samples for the tasting we will also be asking for a copy of your analysis to compare to the submitted information from the monopoly. Once your samples have been approved by us we will make sure to submit your samples to the respective monopolies on time for the tasting.

The samples have to be sent to our Stockholm address:

Concealed Wines AB (556770-1585).
Bo Bergmans gata 14, 115 50 Stockholm, Sweden
Telephone: +46 8-410 244 34

Door code: 2335

Important for the category: Wine
  • The wine must be stabilized and filtered. It should be a finished product.
  • A wine that is not finished yet will have a smaller chance of doing well in a blind tasting.
  • The wine must be the same in both taste and on analysis as the wine that will be launched in the later phase.
  • It must be the same vintage as offered.