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Below comes a copy of our latest newsletter about how our business progress as well as other relevant information about our markets.

We currently improve our online existence

During the last months, we have changed our websites. From now on we only use .com page for B2B communication, while we have .se, .fi and .no directed to our consumer communication. We are very happy with the new “look and feel” of our new websites and so far very good response from our partners as well as our consumer customers. Please review our pages below and let us know what you think! – Directed to our business contacts – Directed to the Swedish consumer – Directed to the Finnish consumer – Directed to the Norwegian consumer

Please also visit our updated Facebook and Linked in site on below links. We appreciate if you “like” the sites, if you enjoy it 🙂 – Directed mainly to the Scandinavian consumer  – Directed to our business contacts, frequently updated with news about our business and information about new opportunities in our markets.

@ConcealedWines – Twitter updates via this account – information directed to consumers and suppliers.


Concealed Wines – We grow faster than ever!

During the period autumn 2014 until spring 2015 Concealed Wines have had a tremendous growth.. We closed our last annual year on a turnover of about 7,5 million Euro, and we expect this year to move up to 10 – 12 million euro (our current annual year close last of April).  This year we have won more than 40 contracts for monopoly distribution and we expect this year to sell about 3 million litres of wine, split on about 80 products in the 3 markets. Even if we compete in a market with no growth, we constantly taking market shares of our competitors. We currently employ more people in order to keep up with the growth. Except growth we also have a very motivated team enjoying being a part of Concealed Wines.


Alcohol tax increase in Sweden

In January 2015, the Swedish government increased the alcohol tax by 7 %. Today alcohol tax for wine as an example 25,17 SEK per litre (8,5 – 15,5 % alc. Vol.). Due to this we have adjusted our pricing a bit, when we publish information about ex cellar and FOB pricing. Moreover the Swedish currency is still weak against dollar and euro, which has an impact on our pricing. We do not expect to see new increases of alcohol tax in coming years in Sweden, Finland or Norway.


Upcoming tender projects

In May/June, our monopoly clients will announce new purchase plans four our markets. For the Swedish market, it will be an overview plan, while for Norway and Finland, specific tenders will be announced right away. We normally agree in May/June whom to work with for different projects, in order to agree on a pro-active strategy together. Below you find information about approximate dates of the announcement about tenders for 2016.

Sweden – Systembolaget purchase plan – Early May

Finland – ALKO – 6 months purchase plan – Mid May

Norway – Vinmonopolet – 6 months purchase plan – Early June

Duty-free – During autum we will propose products to due free segment – More info

You will find information on the announcements on our website below section “Current Tenders”.


If you have any comments or suggestions how we can improve our business, please do contact us via email, telephone, skype or chat.


/ Calle

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