Together with our start-up project WineTourism.com and Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki at Geisenheim University Wine Business Programme, Concealed Wines is a part of a research project.

The aim is to find out more about Online Wine Tastings and how this has developed during Covid-19 period. Indeed, many business suffer due to Covid-19 and lockdowns, but maybe the situation also help us to become more digital and innovative.

Online Wine Tastings has taken place in different ways. The aim of survey is to understand the topic and also be able to present a report, so wineries from all parts of the world can understand below:

  1. To which extent has online wine tasting taken place in different parts of the globe?
  2. Why do wineries run online wine tasting and what is the main target group?
  3. Will wineries continue and invest in online wine tastings as a marketing activity after covid-19 situation?

Except above, we hope to get other answers as well.

If you have not yet participated to the survey, please do so now, to contribute to the survey:


For more details, please contact niklas.ridoff@winetourism.com

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