As you may have already read in one of our earlier posts, Emma Bill and I attended the ‘Wines of Macedonia’ event in October at the Macedonian Embassy here in Stockholm. During this event, I was asked to speak a bit about our Vranec Reserve (Ezimit Grup) that was launched at Systembolaget on September 1st this year. You can watch this short video about Macedonian wines by clicking on the following link:

Macedonian wine production dates back to some 4000 years ago. Today, approximately 85 % of the total production is aimed for the foreign market, and about 66 % of the wine export is within EU countries. Macedonia has 28 different wine varieties, and the most common red grape is Vranec. Vranec translates to Black Stallion, which describes both the color as well as the taste of the grape pretty well. The wine has a deep, intense red color, and the taste is also strong, spicy and with a hint of berries and plum. The wine matches well with cheese or meets such as game (moose, venison etc.). Macedonia is a sunny country, and it is said that 280 days of the year are sunny – and this also reflected in the grape.

Overall, I can say that Macedonian wines is absolutely worth a try! If I have convinced you after this, please have a look at the following link in order to find out where to buy a bottle or Ezimit Grup’s Vranec Reserve 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead!



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