This week was a big week for Concealed Wines, as we launch our very first aged rum at Systembolaget. We are very excited to present: Denizen Merchant’s Reserve Rum by Citizen Spirits.

Centuries ago, when the merchants of Amsterdam sailed home from their long journey through the Caribbean trade routes, they discovered that barrels of rum on their ships took on a richer flavor and aroma from what they had tasted at the onset. These Dutch merchants began to experiment with blending aged Caribbean rum and started selling the product throughout Europe. This is when the popularity for rum picked up in Europe. Denizen Merchant’s Reserve Rum is a distinct blend of aged plummer style Jamaican pot still rum and a rare component of rhum grande arome from the historic French island of Martinique.

This intensely aromatic rum has been produced by Citizen Spirits which was created in 2006 by Nick Pelis with the mission of returning rum to its rightful position atop the pantheon of spirits and cocktails. Nick developed and launched his first brand called Denizen in New York early 2010 and it represents his own contribution to the rum mixology movement and a stake in the ground for everyone who believes their rum drink should have integrity. Character. And, dare we say it, soul. The thought behind Denizen Merchant’s Reserve was to create an ideal rum for a Mai Tai (follow this link if you want to try to mix your own delicious Denizen Merchant’s Reserve Mai Tai:

Denizen Merchant’s Reserve Rum can be sipped neat or mixed in classic rum cocktails. Its taste reveals bright fruity caramel flavors balanced by earthy notes that lead to a long smooth spicy finish.



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