We’re back! And this time with three new exciting product announcements at Systembolaget.

Today we launch:

Hop Federation Brewery´s Pilsner in a can (art nr 1219)

A New Zealand pilsner with a nuanced flavor and bitterness. It also has elements of hard bread (knäckebröd), apricots, herbs, dried pineapple and orange zest. This will be a must in the summer heat!

For more info click here.  

Bodegas Vinivals 3 Amigos (art nr 2691)

A good value for money Spanish wine from gorgeous Valencia. Very fruity, youthful taste with hints of dark cherries, fresh herbs, blueberries, and wild raspberries. Perfect for the summer evening BBQ sessions – works well together with both meat and vegetarian dishes.

For more info click here.

 Fabrizio Fabiani Of Azienda Conzias Dogliani Superiore (art nr 6377)

This wine is just as beautiful as the hills of Piemonte where it originates from. A fruity, nuanced red wine with hints of oak, dark cherries, blueberries, plums, cinnamon and licorice. Guaranteed all Italy-loving people’s new favourite!

For more info click here.

Wishing you all a great weekend! Cheers!


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