Duty-free sales on ferries goning in between countries in our region

In the Nordic and Baltic countries, ferries going in between countries is considered as tax-free sales. This type of distribution is not regulated by our monopoly governed organizations. We do propose products to this segment, normally it is 1 or 2 times per year. The clients normally sign 12 months contract of distribution.


Below comes a list of the different clients within duty-free segment that we work with:


Company Ferry information Link to company page



The ferries going in between Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Åland, Russia.




Ferries going in between Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Åland.




Ferries going in between Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Latvia and from Europe to other continents.




Ferries going in between Sweden and Åland


Below comes a short list what is important when proposing products to Duty-free segment:

  • A professional presentation of the wine
  • A competitive price/quality price ratio
  • Ability to provide a discount first 12 months in order to break in to the market
  • A track record on the product, with international awards


For more information please contact:

Person:              Calle Nilsson

Email:                Calle.nilsson@concealedwines.com

Telephone:       +46 737 099 182