All tenders that is listed in Systembolaget Permanent assortment have to be added in Worldfavor Sustainability platform. The aim is to track back the value chain for each Product sold in Systembolaget permanent assortment.

As important we ave obliged to register all Products and to collect all details from Producer and Grower. It is critical to complete this step in order to sell a Product in the permanent assortment.

Steps to follow once we launch your Product in the market:

1. Concealed Wines return to you with a first email in order to collect details to register your Product. In email we ask for basic details to register each organisation in value chain. Details we ask for is: email / phone / Name of contact person / Name of company / VAT or Organisation number.

Also at this stage we ask if you have sub-suppliers in value chain, if so, we need same details for such companies.

2. Once we register the Product and add below details an email goes to your organisation as well as sub-suppliers (if you have sub-suppliers). Email goes from and in email it is link to log in and credentials to log in.

3. Your job is to log in and fill out answers of differnt questions as well as to sign a code of conduct document. Also, it is important that you inform your sub-suppliers, since they will also get an email from asked to log in and fill out details.

4. Once you are done with above, you email us and we will check on our side that all looks correct, and confirm that proedure has been completed.

It is crucial to complete this procedure. If not, Systembolaget can cancel sales of a Product listed in the permanent assortment.

See below attachments that might help out:

Guidance (PDFs)
How to – Actual Producer
How to – Co-mapper (if you prefer to do work for your sup-suppliers)
How to – Grower

Information letter – Actual Producer
Information later – Grower

Requests to actual producers
Requests to growers