Market trends in the Swedish market – Demand for different packaging:

  • The Swedish market is switching to more climate-friendly packaging that lowers the carbon footprint.
  • The trend in the market for sustainable packaging is increasing.
  • We as importers see more and more demand for such type of packaging in all Scandinavian countries.
  • What are these low carbon footprint packaging? E.g.: Bag-In-Box, pouches, Tetra-pack, aluminum cans, PET plastic bottles, and lighter-weight glass bottles.

Different climate footprint for different packaging:

The following graph shows the climate footprint of various types of packaging (expressed as grams of CO2 emitted) during the manufacturing process. The figures state the average emissions for each type of packaging.

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How we can meet these demands and how Concealed Wines can help:

  • Thanks to many years of experience in the wine industry we understand that the new type of packaging asked by the monopoly is not very common around the world and it is hard to handle.
  • We have established relations with trusted bottling and filling partners to help producers work with bottled wine in all container formats our market demands, such as BIB, Pouch, PET, and Can.
  • We can offer this service to our partners when we work on such projects in a more custom manner. We can buy the wine in bulk and handle the rest of the steps. E.g. Pick-up, Transport, Filling, Packaging, Brand building, and Supply within Sweden.

How does it work?

  • We can discuss this deal if a tender asks for Bag-In-Box, Pouches, Tetra-pack, aluminum cans, and PET plastic bottles and you do not have these packaging types while all other requirements are matching. It says normally in our tender description.
  • Reach out to our Purchase Team to discuss the project where we also check the bottling laws in your region.
  • We agree on the terms and conditions to buy the wine in bulk. We also agree on selling the wine below your brand or ours.
  • Terms would be ex-works per liter. Usually, we agree in Euros per liter but we are open to other currencies as well. 
  • We start with filling in the paperwork to apply for the tender.
  • You submit 6 samples in glass bottles for the blind tasting.
  • If we win the tender, we place an order and fix a pickup date.
  • Our logistic partner comes to pick up the wine in FlexiTank.
  • We transport the wine to our partnered filling companies where the wine would be bottled in the required packaging. And then we bring it further to our warehouse for the launch and start selling in the market.
  • We can decide Branding strategy depending on the tender type.

The example of the FlexiTank

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Samples Stage – What to keep in mind?

  • The samples can be made in smaller quantities (eg- in a lab), made in the same way as the final wine. (Filtered and stabilized)
  • The samples submitted for the blind tasting should be exactly the same wine (on analysis and sensory analysis) as the available volume.
  • Read more requirements in below link:

One example of product Concealed Wines buy in bulk and sell in PET


Piconico is a fresh and fruit-driven Chardonnay from Argentina. Concealed Wines buy the wine from its partner Luis Segundo Correas and bottle it in Europe in PET bottle.

  • Region: Mendoza, Argentina
  • Grapes: 100 % Chardonnay
  • Price: 79 SEK
  • Article Number: 229601

Get in touch with our manager Akshat Rekhi for further details: