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Last month Systembolaget (the monopoly distributor on the swedish market) released an overview plan for upcoming tenders. Along with this, Systembolaget also published a report that describes the market and their needs. This launch plan also explains Systembolaget’s choices. Therefore you will find below some key notes from this report. For the upcoming tenders in particular, you will be able to read more on our website via links in this blog post.

According to the Systembolaget launch plan for 2019, you will find below the summary of the 2017 beer sales evolution and current tenders.


In 2017, beer sales increased by 0.8 percent, reaching the amount of 242 million liters sold. In particular, the value increased by 3.3 percent (SEK 8.8 billion). Even if part of the increase is due to a higher tax, the figures show that in every group there is a constant premium trend. Futhermore, 967,000 liters of beer were sold in the exclusive range, wich represents an increase of 7 percent, when small parties as a whole registered a 11 percent increase.

beer sales evolution
source : Systembolaget


If we take a closer look at the categories, we observe that some of them are experiencing accelerated sales growth :

Organic beer : last year the sales recorded a 2 percent increase for 14.1 million liters. The part of organic beer in the total of beer sales is 5.8 percent.

Small cans Lager beer : Lager beer represent the largest share of beer sales with more than 90 percent of the category group. Since 2016, the small cans section as the higher increase.

As a consequence of those trends, the Systembolaget is now searching for new products for the year 2019.

>> To see current Monopoly tenders for beer click here

On this page you will find Monopoly tenders announced by Systembolaget, ALKO and Vinmonopolet for producers of beer. They are ranked by products specificities.


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