The tenders for Vinmonopolet, Alko and System Bolaget were recently announced, these tenders are classified on the basis of each country. We as Concealed wines would like to present you each tender. These tenders would be launched in the market in the last half of 2018. The deadline for written offers/opening dates would be in the first half of 2018. Please follow the links to get the detailed documents for each tender along with the dates. We summarise these tenders to provide our suppliers with an easy access to the information.

Please click the links to read the summaries:

»  Current Tenders-  Systembolaget- All categories – 18th Jan 2018

»  Vinmonopolet (Norway) – Wine and Spirits 

» Alko (Finland) – Beer and Cider

» Alko (Finland) – Spirits, Ready to Drink and Port Wine

» Alko (Finland) –  Wine

»  Upcoming Tenders – Systembolaget (Sweden) – Wine and Mulled Wine

» Upcoming Tenders- Systembolaget (Sweden) – Beer

» Upcoming Tenders- Systembolaget (Sweden) – Cider 

» Upcoming Tenders- Systembolaget (Sweden) – Spirits and Liquers

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