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Co-founder of Concealed Wines

Educated in Marketing and Management and graduated his Master degree from University of St Andrews, Scotland 2007. Calle have previous experience working in the IT and Marketing sector, but have also been working part time in hotel and restaurant business for 8 years. Calle is a very eager entrepreneur brining enthusiasm to Concealed wines team. Calle like being in touch with suppliers Concealed Wines work with.
Name: Calle Nilsson
Role: Supplier relationship
Skillset: Business development and Marketing and Event management

Professional Notes: Master degree from University of St Andrews in Marketing and Management, Speak fluent English, have problems with all other languages, do however his best in order to use the body language in communication.

Personal Notes: A great disc golf player, also pretty good in most sports. Lose 3 out 5 when playing squash with Simon, however, beat all in team when it comes to disc golf.

Favourite Quote: Carpe Diem

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Phone number: 0046 737 099 182

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Questions and Answers about Calle Nilsson

Is Calle Nilsson one of the co-founders of Concealed Wines?

Yes, Calle founded Concealed Wines together with Simon 2008.

What is the nationality of Calle Nilsson?

Calle is Swedish citizen.

Do Calle Nilsson have other responsibilities outside Concealed Wines?

Calle is also co-founder of as well as some other wine related businesses.

Where does Calle Nilsson live?

Calle Nilsson lives in Stockholm but likes to travel both with colleagues and the family.