Concealed Wines supports and participates actively in the Nordic alcohol monopolies CSR initiative. We inform our suppliers about it and demand them to comply with it. In addition adhering to the principles in the area of human rights, working life standards, environment and anti-corruption.  . We use the Code of Conduct by BSCI as an active tool to do so and our aim is to have it signed by all our producers.

To facilitate for you as producer we’ve added a short summary below on the different documents making up the BSCI Code of Conduct as well as links to the documents themselves:


BSCI Code of Conduct 

This document contains the eleven principles for human rights and working life standards that make up the code of conduct itself.

» Download the BSCI Code of Conduct document


BSCI Terms of Implementation (ToI)

ToI provides guiding principles as well as the list of requirements that are expected from different actors in the supply chain. Therefore it is very  important that all actors involved agree to and can live up to the instructions listed in the Terms of Implementation (ToI). The document exists in three different versions:

  • Terms of implementation for Participant-

Refers to the Nordic monopolies as well as the suppliers to them that are members of BSCI.

  • Terms of implementation for Business Partners-

Refers to the importers selling to the Nordic monopolies.

  • Terms of implementation for Business Partners-

Refers to producers whose products which would be sold by the Nordic monopolies in the market.

» Download the ToI for Business Partners

BSCI Glossary

Since all documents are built up on linguistic basis, there is a available glossary for the reader which can provide a better understanding.

» Download the BSCI Glossary document

BSCI Reference

It is basically a standard document which describes the foundations on which BSCI CoC is uniquely based on.

» Download the BSCI Reference document