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Greetings from Stockholm! Here we have some very interesting and important information and details about A-classified tenders for the Swedish market.

What is an A-classified tender and how is it different from other tenders?

Systembolaget has another category of tenders which are called A-classified tenders. These are different from the general tenders. The main differences are-

  • In general tenders the only paperwork that we ask you to fill in a tender form. Then our purchase team revises and prepares the final offer for the monopoly. Later we update you with the result of the blind tasting and if you win then we move to the next stage of the purchasing process.
  • In the case of A-classified tenders, there is additional documentation that is needed to be filled up by the producer- GOS (Guarantee of supply). This document needs to be filled out completely. It will lead to rejection If any wrong information is stated or the fields are incorrectly filled out, To explain better, below are the bullet points that need to be taken care of as well as there is a file attached that has more information about the form and the practical information for filling in the form.
  • The third and most important difference is the audit that takes place if a producer wins the blind tasting. In simple words, an audit is a product quality control where the buyer comes to the winery to do a control/check of all aspects before making the final buying decision. At this point, the inspectors from Systembolaget will perform a control of the documentation (grape to tank), sensory control, physical control of volumes, additional check.
  • Once we win this tender, Our well-experienced head sommelier Mr. Simon Källquist travels to the winery to attend the audit and assist the winery in preparation for the audit.
    Mr. Simon Källquist has been traveling around the world to participate in many audits for the A-class listings won by Concealed Wines.

How to learn more about these A-classified tenders?

We, the purchasing team of Concealed Wines have prepared an explanation of these A-classified tenders. The document attached is in English and is written in simplified form with examples based on past experiences with these A-classified tenders. We intend to share this information with you to explain these tenders and what are the most important factors to consider. In the file, you can read about-

  • About the Guarantee of supply forms (what fields are included in it)
  • Practical information for filling in the tender form (A guide to successfully fill the document)
  • On-site quality control- Audit (What happens during the audit)

To read the complete details- click here

I hope this piece of information will help you to understand what is an A-classified tender and how is it different. This information is based on the information from Systembolaget about A-classified tenders. The details and information are often changed and updated. The information stated here is for the current stage and can change/alter in the future. You can consult the team to get latest information.

Have a great upcoming weekend!

/Purchase team of Concealed Wines.

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